Poor Ollie! Horace, the great horned owl, just won’t leave Ollie alone. He keeps taunting Ollie, insisting that he isn’t even an owl. True, Ollie is not like other owls, but burrowing owls are special.  Will he ever be convinced? See who comes for a visit!

Poor Lulu! She was so sad because she didn’t have a dad. But her friend told her all about a Dad she already has and is the best Dad of all! Learn all about God’s lemurs as you find out how Lulu’s  sadness became joy!

Poor Barry, the bat! He always wanted to be a bird! Did he finally realize that God made him perfectly, just the way he is?

Poor Bebop! She was sad that she was born with only one wing, but her friends and family made her realize that God made her perfectly and everyone loves her, especially God, just the way she is!

Fanny had lots of friends - when she looked like the other fish in the sea. But when she started to change, she found herself alone and abandoned. Poor Fanny! Will she ever find friends who will accept her just the way she is?

Poor Peewee! He was sad because he didn’t excel in school like the others. What he soon found out, however, was that his kindness, not his smarts, was what his friends, and especially the Lord, treasured most about him! Read all about little Peewee, and learn about penguins, too!