God's Cool Creation Book Series

Cool Creation Press - Making the complexity of God's creation simple.

Author and Artist - Mary Ann Winslow, PhD

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The first book of the series, Epic Earth, takes a fun and easy-to-understand, yet scientific, look at how God created Earth.

This book explores God's different kinds of trees, how trees take up water, how desert plants survive, and more!

What animals are found in the desert? How did God adapt them to survive? Find out the many secrets of the desert!

Did you know that dolphins sleep with one eye open? Or that whales never sleep more than 30 minutes or they'll drown? Check out these and more amazing creatures God made in the sea!

How did God form volcanoes? Why do they erupt? What is the difference between lava and magma? Find out this and so much more in God'sVivid Volcanoes!

Is it true that sharks have to keep swimming to stay alive? How many species of shark are there? Are there really some species that live in rivers? How can they detect prey thousands of feet away? Find out these and more, in God’s Hot Shot Sharks!

Come join the engaging characters as they explore, in a fun and easy-to-understand way, the most unique substance on Earth! How can some insects and lizards run across the water surface? How can water split rocks? How does the water cycle work? Learn about these facts and more in God’s Wiggly Water!